Self-Tape Tips - Lighting

Self-Tape Tips Part 2: Lighting

Two of the most important technical elements to your self-tape are lighting and sound. If Casting can’t see or hear you, then the entire endeavor is moot. Lighting can be unbelievably tricky. Until you find a set-up that works, this is one aspect of self-taping that can truly drive you crazy. COMMON SELF-TAPE LIGHTING ISSUES: […]

Self-Tape Tips Part 1 - Finding a backdrop at home

Self-Tape Tips Part 1: Finding a Backdrop at Home

When self-taping, BACKGROUND / BACKDROPS are the easiest technical aspect to figure out, but also the simplest thing to mess up. As you saw from my previous post, in our office, we like to use a bright blue backdrop for our auditions. It’s a fairly standard color for Casting – pretty much everyone, no matter […]

Self-Tapes Tips

Self-Tape Tips: An Introduction

Actors know: self-tape auditions can be a blessing and a curse. On the plus side: self-taping provides so much flexibility, (auditioning at midnight, after your shift is over and the kids have gone to bed? Hallelujah!) It alleviates some audition anxiety, (no intimidating waiting room stares,) and allows you to really take some time with […]

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