You are SO Much More Than an Actor

You’re laser-focused on getting your acting career off the ground: kudos to you and your hard work! However, remaining singly focused on acting can easily lead to one or more of the following issues: 1. If you’re not seeing a pay-off, you’ll go slightly crazy with frustration. 2. You could alienate your friends and/or family […]

Auditions: Erica’s #1 Pet Peeve

“What’s your biggest pet peeve?” I’ve been asked this question HUNDREDS of times. Every Casting Director you meet will likely have a unique answer. For me, the worst thing an actor can do is come in unprepared. Let me clarify: I’m not speaking to your memorization skills. Do I want you to be off-book so […]

Self-Tape Tips - Frame

Self-Tape Tips Part 4: Frame

Finally, let’s talk about your self-tape frame and aspect ratio. Here’s the good news: this is the EASIEST self-taping technical aspect to nail. Minor adjustments will get you exactly where you need. COMMON SELF-TAPE FRAME ISSUES: 1. Your frame is too wide. We can hardly see your face and hence, miss all of your subtleties […]

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