Auditions: Moving on from a So-Called “Bad” Read

Not every audition goes perfectly. Actors have good days and bad days, (you are human, after all.) How often do you find yourself thinking, “That was crap. I KNOW I could’ve done better. I can’t believe I…” Far too regularly, we see actors dwelling on what they consider a “bad read.” While it’s ok to […]

Self-Tape Tips - Choosing which and how many takes to send

Self-Tape Tips Part 5: Which Takes Should I Send?

Arguably, one of the most difficult parts of self-taping is choosing which take(s) to send to Casting. Which is the best take? Should I send more than one to show my range? This one has a great beginning but this one has a great moment in the middle, and this one shows I can do […]

You are SO Much More Than an Actor

You’re laser-focused on getting your acting career off the ground: kudos to you and your hard work! However, remaining singly focused on acting can easily lead to one or more of the following issues: 1. If you’re not seeing a pay-off, you’ll go slightly crazy with frustration. 2. You could alienate your friends and/or family […]

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