Auditions - No Excuses

Auditions: No Excuses

Auditions: When Excuses Take Over Your Read… “I just got the material.” “My reps didn’t send me the full script.” “I have three auditions today, so I’m not off-book.” “Normally I coach, but this appointment was too last minute, so…” “I was camping and didn’t have internet, so I just looked at this for the […]

Auditions: Moving on from a So-Called “Bad” Read

Not every audition goes perfectly. Actors have good days and bad days, (you are human, after all.) How often do you find yourself thinking, “That was crap. I KNOW I could’ve done better. I can’t believe I…” Far too regularly, we see actors dwelling on what they consider a “bad read.” While it’s ok to […]

Self-Tape Tips - Choosing which and how many takes to send

Self-Tape Tips Part 5: Which Takes Should I Send?

Arguably, one of the most difficult parts of self-taping is choosing which take(s) to send to Casting. Which is the best take? Should I send more than one to show my range? This one has a great beginning but this one has a great moment in the middle, and this one shows I can do […]

Welcome to the [Erica S.] Bream Blog!

Welcome to the inaugural [Erica S.] Bream Blog-post!

Finally a place where I can give use more than 140 characters! (Massive relief. Brevity is DIFFICULT.)

I’ll be blogging (and tweeting!) about audition tips and tricks for actors, as well as general advice and anecdotes derived from years of casting.

Stay tuned!