get to know erica

“Your feedback on my self-tape auditions have had such a great impact on how I audition now… And it has paid off, big time! I booked a couple of guest stars last year and I booked a series regular on my very first pilot!

…outside of her casting credits (which can be found here)

  1. she saw her very first broadway musical (BIG RIVER) at the age of 3 and has loved theatre ever since.
  2. she created the hashtag #CastingLovesYou on social media, to remind actors that casting directors are collaborators, not enemies.
  3. she and her sister used to record and re-watch the opening number from the annual oscars telecast until they could perform it by heart.
  4. she was a film major at USC (fight on!) and if she weren’t in casting, she’d want to be a film editor.
  5. she’s co-cast over 115 one-act plays through her beloved young playwrights festival at the blank theatre company.
  6. she has a secret passion for portrait photography and has a LOT of opinions on headshots.
  7. she was one of the first to come up with self-tape challenges during the pandemic, with her biggest one (the oh-riginal challenge) topping out at 8500 participants!
  8. she’s done a LOT of podcast interviews because she’s wildly passionate about making the casting process more transparent. Check them out here.
  9. she grew up in north dakota (fer real.)
  10. she has two amazing kids and one incredible husband, and is genuinely a very happy person.