casting director
audition coach
happy person.

casting director
audition coach
happy person.

for actors

Erica can help you prepare for your next audition! Erica brings her Casting expertise to every coaching session, helping you connect with the material and discover truthful, honest ways to stand out whether you’re auditioning in-person or via self-tape.

for filmmakers

Erica can cast your next project! Erica has an extensive Casting resume. She has the experience, eye for talent, and passion to help bring your project to life.

for everyone

Erica is available to consult! She has helped dozens of clients address career hurdles, focus on attainable goals and gain clarity on what is working and what isn’t. She has also provided consulting services to filmmakers who aren’t quite at the pre-production stage, providing script feedback from a Casting perspective.

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Erica and Cara teach self-taping for Comedy and Drama! – 4 weeks! – starts June 2nd

Tears, laughter and everything in between… join Erica S. Bream and Cara Chute Rosenbaum for four weeks of self-taping for comedy AND drama!

This five week class covers a WIDE range of self-taping AND online auditions experiences. Hone these specific techniques for your tapes, your Skype callbacks and so much more!

Erica’s ACE YOUR SELF-TAPE ONLINE class – 3 weeks! – starts July 13th!

Join Erica for three weeks of self-taping exercises specific to episodics! We’ll talk common hurdles and how to gain confidence in your choices.

Erica’s SELF-TAPE Challenge WINNERS! (March 2020)

Check out the winners from the MARCH Scene Self-Tape Challenge! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Monologue Challenge WINNERS! (April 2020)

Check out the winners from the APRIL Monologue Self-Tape Challenge! Thanks to the actors and CDs who participated!

hello, i am erica…

And I’m a happy person!

I’m also an experienced and hard-working Casting Director, a wildly passionate acting Coach and teacher, and a patient and supportive Consultant.

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