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erica has been teaching audition technique since 2005.

each of her classes has a unique syllabus and theme, but all classes include specific, constructive feedback on performance and tech, general tips and plenty of time for clarifying questions.


The #1 tool you need to successfully self-tape is script analysis, yet it is often overlooked in the rush to complete an audition. This class will help you hone this massively useful tool so you can better break down your text and feel confident in your choices.


Episodic season is long but it moves incredibly fast, which makes receiving any kind of actionable feedback very rare. In this six-week class, Erica will take actors through a number of difficult (but highly practical) exercises, providing ample notes, tips and tricks along the way.


Weird dialogue, dialects, action, huge worlds… the traps are plentiful with it comes to these two weird, wonderful, AND DIFFERENT genres. Four scenes, five exercises. This class will give you a breadth of knowledge to take into your next genre auditions.


Auditioning over Zoom is unlike any other audition technique. The tech, the nerves… so many things to think about. This class will allow actors to practice mock auditions live, online and receive ample feedback, notes and importantly, experience.

Thank you for a superb class! The notes and feedback you gave were bang-on and very individualized to each actor. The online format of the class was surprisingly awesome. In a lot of ways, I think it’s a better format for an on-camera class because we’re watching in the same medium which casting is viewing out tapes, so you’re able to observe fine details that you’d likely miss if it were an in-person group class. And I like how intimate the class it was – it made it feel personal and it was beautiful and educational to watch everyone play and grow each week.”

“I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for this class. Obviously, I wasn’t surprised by the incredible amount of information and gems received because it’s just innately who you are as an “actor’s casting director”. We see it every day on social media, that you truly and genuinely have a heart for us and you want us to WIN and I know I can speak for all of us when I say t h a n k  y o u. I know we hear all the time that casting is on our side, and while I’ve learned this to be true, you are just simply in a league of your own when it comes to casting. There’s just a way that you are able to give us all constructive criticism while always being positive, motivating and highlighting our strong points. My goodness, it’s needed in this industry, and you. just . get . it.”